HERE WE ARE! Our final week of the series. Below you'll find the collection answers to the questions you've asked over the past six weeks.

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Eating for Your Constitution Q + A 

Do I have to eat this way the rest of my life?
No, of course not. Eating for your constitution in this way gets to be liberating rather than constricting. What you may find is that your cravings change, or diminish, and you naturally gravitate towards foods that agree with your constitution - or - maybe you find your digestion becomes stronger and you can tolerate foods outside of your constitution with more ease. Maybe it becomes a tool to help bring you into harmony when you stray off your balanced path. Either way, you are in the driver's seat. You get to choose.

Why are foods classified differently from lists I find on the Internet?

Almost everywhere in Asia there is some system related to the energetics of food (compared to the West where the focus is on the chemistry of food). You’ll note that different traditions, such as Ayurveda, Chinese, or Greek medicine, categorize the same foods into different thermal natures than Sasang does (refer to Week 2 for examples).


The Sasang food chart system is designed to match this very unique and specific diagnostic system. Comparing or mixing it with a different health system won't benefit or serve you (it'd be similar to comparing apples and oranges).

How are you sure the food chart is accurate?

Every item in the food chart has been tested by people (mostly Zen monks and nuns) of several different constitutions + applied for over 30 years to a significant number of people with very consistent results. 


Remember that ultimately the food chart provided gets to act as a strong base for you build a foundation to understand how foods effect you. Once you become dialed in, you get the final say as to what does and does not work for your body.

I know I have a hot constitution. Can I just eat the foods you mentioned to be cooling without having my natal chart read?
No. Self-diagnosing within this system can be very dangerous and harmful to your health. The diagnostic tool goes beyond external symptoms and steps into the law of the five element-phases and their configuration on your natal chart. It is a process that should only be conducted by a trained practitioner.
Is it possible to consume too much cooling foods (if so-yang) or too much warming foods (if so-eum) beyond the 70-30 ratio? If so, what would happen?
Yes. The 70-30 ratio is most recommended when starting out eating for your constitution (for at the least the first 2-4 weeks). This ratio has been shown to consistently help bring your body into balance + provide a solid foundation for you to be the judge of the amount of neutral foods that will work best for you (see the next question for more). Typically after 2-4 weeks, you will get to decide the ratio that works best for you. Clues that you're consuming too much cooling (as a so-yang) or warming (as a so-eum) may be acute fatigue or excessive gas. 
Note: consuming too much of the thermal nature your body needs for balance is far less damaging than eating the thermal nature you don't need. A so-yang will never need warming foods, and a so-eum will never need cooling foods.
Can I eat neutral foods?
*This answer comes from Sasang practitioner, Tracy Stewart.
Everybody can eat neutral foods (unless the food is builds/strengthens a specific organ you need to avoid). What you should be cautious of is the amount of neutral foods you're eating. In the beginning only eat a small percentage, as this will help your body shift to either warming or cooling foods depending on what you need. But once this happens you can increase your neutral foods to a greater percentage. The percentage of neutral foods that are needed in your diet for good health can be quite individual. But once your body is use to being more balanced by eating your constitutional diet, it will give you clear messages about when you need to change the percentages. 
Are the other less common (constitutions) also a 70-30 ratio? or a mixture of all 3, depending?
The 70-30 ratio is recommended for all constitutions to start out with until your body is at a stable place for you to accurately decide the best ratio for your body.
Is it a 70-30 (percent ratio) in a meal or just on average by the end of the day?
Start by focusing on hitting the ratio by the end of the day. Once you have a strong baseline, begin noticing how you feel after a primarily neutral meal vs. a primarily cooling/warming meal and decide what works best for you.
Will this diet act like a detox?
Starting out, it is possible to experience a "healing crisis" aka you may get worse before you get better. As always, this will be dependent on what your body is needing and the sensitivity of your chart. Should a healing crisis occur, it should be seen as a positive rather than negative as your body purges what is not needed.
Will this diet help to relieve my hormonal symptoms?
Yes. Remember that our body is not compartmentalized. Our digestive system, endocrine system, nervous system, etc., are all beautifully and intricately connected. When you address one area, often times a beautiful domino effect will happen and you'll find relief in many areas of your life.
How quickly can I expect to see change?
Change will depend entirely on your constitution and the configuration of the elements in your natal chart. Generally speaking, those with a hot and dry constitution will see change within a couple weeks, those with a cold and damp constitution will see change within a couple months.
Will my constitution ever switch?
No. The configuration of the five element-phases in your birth chart that make up your constitution is unique to the exact moment you entered into this world, which will never change.

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