Welcome! I invite you to cozy up and dive into the following two Sasang case studies. Questions? Scroll to the bottom to find out your chance to get them answered.


how it started

28 year old female

8 weeks pregnant 

Offering: Fertility Freedom

Chief complaints(pre-pregnancy)

↠ Acne around her mouth and on cheeks

↠ Fatigue

↠ Eczema on her hands

↠ Small bumps on her arms

↠ A rigid relationship with food.


(since becoming pregnant, add in)

↠ Nausea

↠ Constipation

↠ Hemorrhoids



Floating fire

No missing elements


70% warming foods

30% neutral foods

0% cooling foods

Protect the heart 

Circulate energy

to upper body

how it went

By week 2:

↠ Went from 7 to 2 days of nausea/week

↠ Eczema, dry skin + acne have cleared

By week 7:

↠ Nausea was rare

↠ Bowel every other day

↠ Hemorrhoids subsided

By week 12:

↠ Bowel movements every day

↠ Experiencing more energy

↠ Practicing intuitive eating

↠ Relationship with food has softened

Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 2.20.46 PM.png

Throughout the process I discovered much more than just foods I should eat and foods I should try to avoid based on my constitution. I realized that I was dealing with a type of eating disorder that isn't widely talked about. One that involves a lot of restriction and negative shame related thoughts towards food. Shifting towards a constitutional diet helped me to re-shape my thinking. I realized that it's not that foods are good or bad, but that there are certain foods that make me feel nourished and fulfilled and some foods that do not. Once I was able to make this differentiation my entire relationship with food began to shift. I can't thank Haley enough for guiding me throughout the last 12 weeks to help ease my symptoms while also helping me begin to fix my relationship with food. I cannot recommend this program enough! - MB


how it started

32 year old female

Post birth control

Offering: Eating for Your

Constitution Mastery

Chief complaints​ 

↠ Cystic acne on forehead

↠ Rosacea + skin rashes 

↠ Bloating

↠ Constipation

↠ Food sensitivities (dairy + wheat)

how it went



Missing Fire + Water


70% cooling foods

30% neutral foods

0% warming foods

Avoid lung

building foods

Circulate energy

to lower body

By week 2:

↠ Acne + rosacea were 95% gone 

↠ Bloating and constipation subsided

By week 4:

↠ Skin was clear

↠ Digestion was strong + consistent

↠ Previous food sensitivities were tolerated (note that dairy + wheat are warming and do not fit into the so-yang constitution, but by this point they were still less detrimental than before)

I felt hopeless coming off of birth control and experiencing intense skin and digestive distress that I never had before in my life. I had exhausted all options when a friend recommended Haley to me. Feeling desperate and defeated, I felt sparks of encouragement to try out a plan that was so tailored to me and my body. I cried tears of joy when I saw my face clearing up within the first month. By the end, clear skin became a secondary perk to the empowerment I feel understanding my body the way I do now. It's a work in progress, but I can say my mind and mental space around my body and food almost feels as strong as my digestive system does. 

- LA

it's your turn. are you ready to explore your internal landscape?

If these past five weeks have you on the edge of your seat to find out your own constitution and left you feeling hopeful that there's finally a chance for relief - this is for you. 

Eating for Your Constitution Mastery is a 6-week 1:1 experience for you to have your own Sasang constitution diagnosed so you may begin attuning to your inborn strengths and weaknesses. Together we will gently walk the land of your internal landscape while building a strong foundation for you to build upon your own self-partnership and empowerment.

what's included

↠ Your Sasang diagnosis packet

↠ One 90-min. opening video consult to provide a well-rounded understanding of your diagnosis + leave you feeling confident with your path forward

↠ Workbook: Exploring My Relationship to Food

↠ Two 40-min. video consults for close knit accountability, support, and exploration

your investment

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Join me as I wrap up with a Q + A answering your questions AND walk you through the exact documents you can expect to receive with your Sasang diagnosis. Want to make sure your questions get answered? Send them in an email to by Friday, 1/10.