Menstrual Cycle Coaching
embrace your lunar rhythmic nature

A woman’s biological rhythm follows a roughly twenty-eight day cycle. This cycle can be broken down into four phases, or seasons, differentiated between your hormone fluctuations. While the season of bleeding, coined “period,” is well-known, it is less understood that this phase is simply just a reflection of the strength of your previous three phases. Together, these four phases create your internal landscape and serve as an invaluable window into a woman’s health, vitality, and imbalances.

Menstrual Cycle Coaching was designed to help you understand the ebb and flow of your hormones and their influence on your daily life. Moving through each phase as you experience it will lend insight into imbalances that may present as digestive distress, weight gain, PMS, or fatigue ~ to name a few. As a cyclical woman, the menstrual cycle is the foundation of your health. It is a vital tool that is often misplaced in the hands of others and quickly suppressed. Menstrual Cycle Coaching is an invitation to reclaim your power, take control of your health, and learn to embrace your lunar rhythmic nature. 

The 4 Phases of Your Cycle
  1. Menses: your internal winter

  2. Follicular: your internal spring

  3. Ovulation: your internal summer

  4. Luteal: your internal autumn

What to Expect
  • One cycle (or one month) of unlimited virtual support. I will walk you through each phase of your menstrual cycle as you experience it.

  • Understand the ebb and flow of hormones with an easy to understand metaphoric story. You will begin to connect the dots between patterns, cravings, and mood fluctuations to your cycle.

  • Guidance, with handouts for your reference, as to what dietary and lifestyle practices will best support the phase that you are in. 

  • Learn how to track fertility markers to understand when you are and are not fertile.


For as long as I can remember, I hated getting my period. I experienced extremely painful cramps and just a general feeling of despair. I began to think I had a serious problem. Just after a month of coaching with Haley, my whole mindset was different.

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