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Four key nutrients to be aware of

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With all the differing opinions out there, you can rest easy that these four are agreed on to optimize fertility + pregnancy health across the board—

B12 : low levels are associated with miscarriage

Folate : prevents neural tube defect

Choline : enhances the transport of nutrients across the placenta (a real rising start in being recognized as a must-have)

Omega-3 : anti-inflammatory; the backbone to hormone production

These are four main players you should be looking for in your pre-natal vitamin and also what you should be filling your kitchen with.

Remember supplements are intended to fill gaps- not be your main source. Your prenatal will go loads further if you're building a strong foundation for yourself through diet.

Here's a PDF you can get for free laying out an example of what a day of eating looks like that will provide you adequate amounts of B12, folate, choline, and omega-3's:

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