Fertility Freedom

a 12-week immersion in body literacy to embrace your fertility

for conscious conception

Fertility Freedom is a unique approach to sit confidently in the driver's seat of your fertility. Using two transformative tools, these 12-weeks help you confidently understand and enjoy your fertility.

Your body wants to conceive.

Dis-eases such as endometriosis, PCOS, and unexplained infertility are messages describing what your body is asking for - they are not a life sentence.


Fertility Freedom is not a band-aid or yo-yo approach. The following tools are sustainable and invite a lifetime of health so you can show up for you and your family with your very best. 


↠ Defeated after months, or years, of trying to conceive with no success

↠ At war with the presented options that you know won't get to the root cause of your imbalance

↠ Overwhelmed and at war with your diet


↠ Trust in your body

↠ A dietary regimen that feels good, is sustainable, and will support your fertility 

↠  To use food as medicine in a way that actually works

↠ A deeper connection to your innate rhythms

↠ Relief from hormonal symptoms such as painful periods or intercourse, irregular cycles, skin issues, or heavy bleeding



I help you do this through a healing system from Korea called Sasang dietetics. Your constitution is determined using your natal chart and the configuration of the five element-phases at the time of your birth. 


Your constitutional diagnosis will paint an intricate picture of your internal landscape, telling us what organ network system is strongest and weakest. Based on this information, you will have a direct roadmap of how to use food as medicine to adhere to your inborn strengths and weaknesses.


You will quickly see and feel sweet relief from acute and chronic symptoms / dis-ease, including those interfering with your hormone's function and cycle health.


I help you do this through fertility awareness.

Your menstrual cycle is an invaluable window into your internal landscape. Each phase is a juicy chance for you to befriend yourself a little deeper; to understand what your unique rise and fall of hormones is telling you. We will carefully and intentionally walk through each phase of your cycle so you know exactly what's happening. You will learn and begin to record tangible markers of fertility and walk away knowing exactly when you are most infertile and fertile, and why.


↠ Your Sasang diagnosis + guidance

↠ Fertility awareness education + guidance

↠ Workbook: Exploring My Relationship to Food

↠ 5 hours of live video consult

↠ 4 pre-recorded modules

↠ Accountability check-ins



Weeks 1-3

↠  Week 1: after you receive your diagnosis, we will have a 90-min. consult to discuss your starting point, constitution, and to come up with a sustainable regimen.  

↠  Your only job is to understand and implement your constitutional diagnosis. You are expected to overhaul your current diet and adhere strictly to your diagnosis.

Weeks 4-6

↠ At the end of week 4, we will schedule a 90-min. consult to discuss your comfortability with your diet and to paint a thorough picture of your reproductive health, cycle history, and current symptoms.

↠ During weeks 5 + 6 I will begin introducing fertility awareness. You will begin observing and tracking your cycle markers.

↠ From here on out, I am holding you accountable to your unique diet and serve as an outlet for questions and challenges.

Weeks 7-9

↠ You are tracking your cycle vigorously using the learned fertility awareness methods. We are identifying hormone imbalances and working to overcome them by fine tuning your diet even further within your Sasang diagnosis. We're adding in gentle treatments when necessary. You are beginning to understand exactly when you are and are not fertile.

↠ We will have one 1-hour video consult to go over your charts, answer your questions, and discuss your body literacy comfortability. 

Weeks 10-12

↠  You are soaring and in control. We are fine tuning your cycle tracking skills and paying close attention to what your body is telling us every single day. You are an expert of your body's constitution and what foods work best for your optimal function. 

↠ We will have a final 1-hour video consult to go over your charts, discuss final questions + celebrate transformation.


I hold a Masters of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine, a degree dedicated to healing using food as medicine. Within this time + beyond, I've specialized in women’s health with a focused lens in East Asian dietetics. My dietetic philosophy comes from considering the thermal nature + energy of food to match a person's constitution according to Sasang medicine. Weaving in my training in fertility awareness, and teachings from my own experience, I devote my work to helping women understand and take control of their internal landscape.



Pay in Full


Payment Plans

$550 / mo.

$275 / mo.

To honor the depth of each person and to provide ample space for exploration, I accept 3 new clients per month.



Due to the intensive nature of this offering, those interested are asked to fill out an application to determine if your case is a harmonious fit.

Filling out the application doesn't mean you're committed, but it will save your spot in line should you choose to pursue.