I guide women to understand and optimize their fertility so they may live their lives more freely.

I am a hormone and fertility specialist. I use the Fertility Awareness Method to help women consciously conceive, avoid pregnancy without the use of synthetic hormones, and to track and optimize their gynecological health.

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My story

I grew up in Michigan in a small town minutes from Lake Michigan. I studied at Adrian College where I focused on research in gestational exercise and nutrition. I then listened to a craving to get out west and moved to Portland, Oregon where I earned my Master's of Science in Nutrition at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). NUNM also served as the meeting place for me and the fertility awareness method (FAM). My passion for women's health has been at the heart of my studies and would go on to mold my career. See below for more on my credentials.

My practice

While I hope to drink tea with each of you some day, my career has taught me there is a universal gap in fertility awareness, and I believe every women should have access to cultivating a deep understanding of their body. For this reason, my practice is 100% virtual and I work with women all over the world. My signature program, Fertility Freedom, weaves together in-depth FAM teachings, personalized nutrition, and hyper-focused lab work strategically timed with your cycle.

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My credentials


Certified FAMM Practitioner

MS in Nutrition

BS in Exercise Science

In the final year of my graduate nutrition studies, I was introduced to FAM and never turned back. After completing my master's degree in nutrition, I became a certified fertility awareness practitioner, specializing in using cycle charting for prognosis. I complete monthly continuing education hours to stay up to date on the latest research and am enthusiastically committed to being a lifelong student.

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