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Innate Rhythm was organically founded as I slowly became the master of my own menstrual cycle. I began studying the powerful connection between women and the lunar cycle and what it means to eat in harmony with the external and internal season of a given phase. I learned to not only observe the moon, but to be in a cyclical and fluid dance with it. In doing so I began seeing positive shifts in my nagging digestive distress and a subtle glow over my face I forgot ever existed. Most importantly I reignited a sacred, sensual, and mindful relationship with myself. ​

My formal education was completed at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon where I completed their Master of Science in Nutrition program. I was drawn to this program for its focus on utilizing food as medicine and empowering individuals to become better in tune with their body. Using this philosophy, I have chosen to direct my education towards guiding women in their reproductive years back home to their body to grow their own self-partnership, using their menstrual cycle as a gateway. Attuning to this most basic and earthy cycle,  I've had the honor of witnessing women finally relax into their own body and gather the confidence to call it home.

Inspired by East Asian medicine, I utilize Sasang constitutional dietetics to consider your unique internal landscape while respecting your current external and internal season. With your constitution and season in mind, I weave in my training in fertility awareness so you will sit confidently behind the drivers seat of your fertility - all information coming from within rather than outside tests and validation.  I will provide you with a specific and straight forward constitutional diet and lifestyle recommendations that will flow with the winds of your womb, guiding you to feel empowered, acknowledged, and in control. 

Society has made it easy for women to stray away from the sacred connection we are meant to have with ourselves. My practice exists to guide you in rediscovering your Innate Rhythm and wisdom.

Thank you for being here. I whole-heartedly look forward to hearing your story.


Masters of Science in Nutrition

National University of Natural Medicine 

Portland, OR 

Certified FAMM Provider 


By Fertility Friday

Class of 2021